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  1. So I was taking a look at the RUN extension and noticed that he used ducky script inside his function. I tried to recreate that but with my own set of ducky commands but it doesn't seem to execute? ....extension (eject.sh) #!/bin/bash # # Eject storage v1 by vo1d # opens powershell to eject flash device # Requires Windows # Usage: EJECT name of device # # Examples: # EJECT BashBunny function EJECT(){ local dvn = $1 shift [[ -z "$dvn" ]] && exit 1 # parameter must be set LED R B FAST sleep 5 QUACK GUI QUACK DELAY 100 QUACK STRING "powershell" QUACK DELEAY 100 QUACK CTRL-SHIFT ENTER QUACK DELAY 500 QUACK ALT y QUACK DELAY 200 LED R SLOW sleep 5 QUACK STRING "\$dvn = (gwmi win32_volume -f 'label=''$dvn''' | Select-Object -ExpandProperty DriveLetter)" QUACK DELAY 100 QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 100 QUACK STRING "\$Eject = New-Object -comObject Shell.Application" QUACK DELAY 100 QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 100 QUACK STRING "\$Eject.NameSpace(17).ParseName(\$dvn).InvokeVerb(\"Eject\")" QUACK DELAY 100 QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 100 } export -f EJECT ...payload (payload.txt) ATTACKMODE HID EJECT BashBunny
  2. if [ -z "${TARGET_IP}" ]; then LED R 1000 exit 1 fi I have been trying to run the scrip above to troubleshoot a payload, for some reason the bash bunny seems unable to receive a IP? Any Ideas why?
  3. Need help on what exactly does "mount -o sync /dev/nandf /root/udisk" do? do I run it as a payload with attackmode serial? or while in side of putty?
  4. I connected to the BB by the serial console and I want to copy a file from there and add it to my computer. Will it be the same as cp and just giving it a path ok my computer?
  5. I was moving payloads and got trigger happy
  6. I put it into arming mode and tried recreating the files. now every time I place it in any switch it only runs the last payloads I used before I deleted the files.
  7. I deleted the files that came with the bash bunny now it won't work, can anyone help me fix this?
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