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  1. I still use the mark V for demonstration purposes and testing and learning with linux. sometimes a file gets edited the wrong way in a ssh session and then I have to reset the wifi pineapple. problem now is that, as mentioned above, there are no more infusion to download through the pineapplebar. Would be nice to have a place where all the old 2.4.0 infusions are stored so I can continue to use the mark V's I have. great hardware and works great. so I hope someone has any suggestions to manually get those infusions installed because the previous suggestions somehow do not seem to work anymore. example:link to download and place where to store the files on the pineapple. I hope more people can reply so the hak5 team can see the mark V community is still alive!
  2. hexa

    Violation of CoC

    First off all, Thanks for the great payload, Secondly, unfortenately at first it didn't work, So after putting a pause in the payload I could see why it didn't work. The powershell command creates a typo (i quess it has to do with the keyboard layout),look at the end where the name of the file creates ÉOF instead of 'EOF' part of the output: ew-Object Net.WebClient).UploadString('',ÉOF'); So I solved the problem by changing all the file names EOF into DOF. That way the payload creates a file 'DOF' and works create. Also change the name In the file server.py ( EOF in DOF), change it in whatever you like but avoid the letter E and A sinds É also exists I would suggest to change it in the original payload? Since more people use a US keyboardlayout. Anyway Thanks for the payload and keep up the good work!
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