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  1. I've followed the steps in this video - Snagging Windows credentials with QuickCreds Part 1 and I've been able to capture from my windows box while unlocked. Thank you
  2. I think I made some process. I copied the responder folder from /tools/pentest/responder to /tools/responder and quickcreds is now showing a fast red flash (fail 2) instead of the slower red flash (Fail 1.) I feel that I've buggered this up in some fashion but I'm not sure how. Again, thanks for any help.
  3. I'm having a very similar problem but it started after I ran the bunnyupdater. Ran the updater which updated the firmware from 1.0 to current (1.3-264). I then tried to run quickcreds and receive the Fail1 (slow blinking red) light. I've run the current install tools from here on Hak5 forum. However, I bunny never installs or moves the files. I've manually created pentest folder and copied the two folders from tools to install but no luck. Is there a way to see if responder is installed on Bunny? Perhaps through serial? Can I manually install it and how do I? Has anyone ever h
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