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  1. check my post here its much simpler: https://github.com/mefistotelis/phantom-firmware-tools/issues/36#issuecomment-312030452
  2. i tried to change the FC SN from assistant but it gave me error like "this SN is already used"
  3. nothing is available today :) yesterday morning first thing I saw removed was the SPARK
  4. YES INDEED DJI pulled all the vulnerable firmware for all the drones (Spark, Mavic, P4p and Inspire 2) P4p: SPARK: Mavic:
  5. hi Freaky did you figure out what is this command for? "55 11 04 92 0a 03 14 27 40 03 df 01 01 01 00 4e a6"
  6. today i received the SPARK, i can confirm it is the same Mavic concept and the decryption password is the same. i didn't activate it yet, i took copy of its current firmware version 01.00.0006 if anyone need a copy of its firmware please let me know its wifi IP is :)
  7. i totally agree with you i want to root it to feel free and not controlled by overseas company :)
  8. as i told you i have Mavic still on 1.2.0810 and another one with latest update. i will look for symlink online and try to do it my question is why all of us looking for rooting the Mavic? if just to disable the NFZ and/or altitude limit, there is Russian guy who figured out the serial commands and selling it as service
  9. what is symlink, i don't know it i can try anything you need i decrypted the kernel log and got the DAAK, but i don't know how to send the command to enable the ADB !!
  10. hi all, i still have one of my Mavic drones on 1.2.0810 and all the FTP files are scrambled dotdotdow couldn't find any FTP traversal
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