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  1. I installed the new version. The CPU utilisation is really good Nicely done!!
  2. Thank you everyone for your quick response. I will update the firmware today. Unfortunately the engagement is done but thankfully I get to collect user credentials when the device was stable. The problem is that these issues never happened during testing the device at home, all issues just jumped at the engagement time 🙂
  3. Hi everyone I'm using Mark7 with firmware v1.0 with Evil-portal running During the engagement, I faced the following issues CPU Utilization the CPU gets almost fully utilized. This leads the device to hangs and it must be rebooted. See top command result: https://imgur.com/a/mM1ACnn See System status: https://imgur.com/DN3vQBI Memory Utilization Also the system's memory gets utilized to the level even system diagnose doesn't work unless the device is rebooted https://imgur.com/rfcEliM https://imgur.com/ZO82O2H When the memory is full, I get errors similar to the following fork/exec /sbin/uci: cannot allocate memory fork/exec /etc/pineapple/diagnostics.sh: cannot allocate memory Management SSID disconnecting The management SSID is frequently disconnecting me and show an error on the UI WiFi Pineapple Disconnected - You are no longer connected to this Wifi pineapple" Client mode issue Also discovery SSIDs as a client is sometimes doesn't show the SSIDs (see: https://imgur.com/kbkQdGT) Lake of plugins documentation Although I see that there is documentation for the APIs but I can't a clear tutorial for how to create a plugin Also, plugin developers should at lease write documentation about how to use there plugin instead of relying on cloning the existing code and edit it of poking around on github to find other examples. (i.e Evil-port) Additionally, on the plugin installing page, the source code URL for the plugin should be mentioned with the description. TBH, I'm not sure if these are bugs or this device is not for real life engagements as I had to reboot the device more than 10 time to finish one day job.
  4. Hi UFW is just a friendly interface for iptables. The main issue in the current script has some issues that I've discussed here If you can test my PR, I think it'll work with you
  5. Hello! As we know that there is a wp6 script to manage internet connection sharing on Linux. I use it many times just to have working internet on my machine but never succeed to sharing the internet to my Wifi Pineapple NANO due to my existing firewall rules. The script by itself is good and saves a lot of time whoever, it seems missing many considerations regarding firewall rules. Here few but not limited to flushing all firewall rules and chains. doesn't consider the user existing settings forcing stateful firewall mode operation. doesn't consider the user existing settings not specific regarding internet sharing between chosen interfaces. To fix that, Inserting the forward rules at the top of the FORWARD chain instead of flushing the tables Remove stateful rule with 2 ways rules (internet -> pineapple, pineapple -> internet) a specific rule for NATing I've sent a PR to fix these here I hope you guys test it and confirm it's functionality Thank
  6. Hey! same issue here seems YARD Stick one doesn't have the expected support?
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