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  1. Been using Surfshark for over a month now and I am extremely satisfied. Before that, I was using ExpressVPN, not that it was not performing but it was very expensive on the pocket. If you compare both of them in real time performance, Surfshark comes very close and is a very cheap option. I came to this conclusion after reading a comprehensive article on Best VPN.
  2. Oh nice, Yes PureVPN is offering good discount this season but I hope they will give competitive service also 🙂
  3. Black Friday is one of the most awaited days for all the shopaholic people. Black Friday is celebrated a day after Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday falls on the fourth Friday of November every year. And following that, we also have got the Cyber Monday. During these days, we can expect lumps of discounts, coupons, offers and cash back on almost all the industries. Though there are lots of VPN sellers across the globe providing loads of discounts and coupons on this season, Here is a list to some amazing review sites. We value our readers and hence we are recommending only VPNs which provides great service as well as the best discounts. Here's our list of hottest Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to power your online security. https://www.vpnranks.com/black-friday-vpn-deals/ https://www.bestvpn.co/black-friday-vpn-deals/ https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/best-vpn-deals-coupon-codes/ But I would also suggest don’t choose the VPN according to how much discount they are offering, but also check the reviews by experts and users. A VPN will boost your internet privacy while hiding your IP address, which lets you see all the content you want while remaining anonymous.
  4. Welcome guyz! I can see most of the people don't mention their favorite books. Why is that so?
  5. UFC another pick from my side.
  6. Xcom is good too. Missed that.
  7. Something very useful for beginners. Thanks for the share.
  8. Need For Speed Fifa Real Racing 3
  9. Hello this is Grace, a newbie here work as a freelancer.
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