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  1. Introduce yourself

    Welcome guyz! I can see most of the people don't mention their favorite books. Why is that so?

    Hahaha great!! thats interesting.
  3. Should you use vpn with anonsurf?

    Yes, setting up a VPN on your iPhone and even on new iphone X although with the new iOS 11, there are changes to setup a VPN on your iPhone device. So even if you are outside using public wifi you dont need worry through these simple steps to setup a VPN your internet activity will be completely anonymous.
  4. Should you use vpn with anonsurf?

    Agree with him. if the VPN supports this feature then it will give good results.
  5. Best Password Manager?

    You must be at piece for sure.
  6. Hotline Miami

    Was a good one definitely, Not anymore though.
  7. WWIII simulator

    DEFCON is what came to my mind too. Did it help in anyway?
  8. Like Pokemon GO? You should definately try Ingress.

    Never liked Pokemon as a cartoon or as a game. I am sure Ingress would not entice me either. Just look at the name. Feels like someone is hungry.
  9. What is Your Favorite EA Games?

    UFC another pick from my side.
  10. Detention at the border

    Hahaha, but i think i have become one for sure.
  11. Wallaper The Breakthrough

    I am going to try it out now.
  12. Detention at the border

    Do you think they wont be having any members out here to find all the possibilities.
  13. No idea about this as yet.
  14. Happy War Games Day

    I found the same issue with the dates, still Happy War Games Day.
  15. Old Online Game

    Zelda still exist i think so came across a forum of it.