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  1. I know there are a lot of fans of the EPL available! The Season is already started. But I know some friends is having trouble in watching online season 2018 on the internet due to geo-restrictions, for all those victims this detailed guide from BestVPN.co will be helpful. In addition to subscribing to the official broadcasters in the US and UK, it presents a number of useful options for watching the EPL live. This means, you can feel assured not to miss out on your favorite game, especially if you cannot make it to the stadium (due to being located too far away) try this. Cheers..
  2. Netflixdown.com is the new tool to check yourself as the “Google Analytics for Netflix”. They monitor server activity for the VoD service all around the world, providing viewers details about when the technology fails. They can tell you what’s going on, in circumstances, there are outages and service interruptions. You gain insight from a real-time overview of status information, based on your location. Moreover, if there is any issue related to your country then you can drop message also.
  3. Oh nice, Yes PureVPN is offering good discount this season but I hope they will give competitive service also :)
  4. Black Friday is one of the most awaited days for all the shopaholic people. Black Friday is celebrated a day after Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday falls on the fourth Friday of November every year. And following that, we also have got the Cyber Monday. During these days, we can expect lumps of discounts, coupons, offers and cashback on almost all the industries. Though there are lots of VPN sellers across the globe providing loads of discounts and coupons on this season, I will going to list out only the best sellers. We value our readers and hence we are recommending only VPNs which provides great service as well as the best discounts. Here's our list of hottest Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to power your online security. https://www.bestvpnprovider.com/black-friday-vpn-deals/ https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/best-vpn-deals-coupon-codes/ https://vpnblackfriday.com/ But I would also suggest don’t choose the VPN according to how much discount they are offering, but also check their honest reviews by experts and users. A VPN will boost your internet privacy while hiding your IP address, which lets you see all the content you want while remaining anonymous.
  5. The attack has affected the Kiev metro, the Odessa airport in Ukraine, and many media organizations in Russia. No major outages or affected PCs were reported in the United States. According to Yevgeny Gukov, a cybersecurity expert based in Moscow-based Group IB software company, the ransomware attacks large corporate networks. "Based on our investigation, this has been a targeted attack against corporate networks, using methods similar to those used during the [NotPetya] attack," he stated in a statement on the attack on Group IB’s website. While there are not many solutions available for Bad Rabbit currently, Amit Serper, a malware researcher at software company Cybereason, claims to have a ‘vaccination’ for the that immunize your PC against a Bad Rabbit infection. "Create the following files c:windowsinfpub.dat && c:windowscscc.dat - remove ALL PERMISSIONS (inheritance) and you are now vaccinated. :)" Serper tweeted Tuesday. The solution involves creating two generic data files — “infpub.dat” and “cscc.dat” and removing all write permissions for these files. .DAT files are not associated with any particular program and work with only the application that created them. Installing the particular files suggested by Serper, will remove all permissions to such file and block the Bad Rabbit ransomware from installing. To perform this immunization, you will need to have administrator rights to a PC. It will also require knowledge of programming and PC permissions, which will make sure that no users have the read, write or execute permissions on your PC. In case you don’t have such knowledge, BEST VPN PROVIDER has posted a step by step guide on its website explaining what needs to be done. Here is another Step by Step guide available Bad Rabbit ransomware virus. How to remove? (Uninstall guide)
  6. graceinc

    Introduce yourself

    Welcome guyz! I can see most of the people don't mention their favorite books. Why is that so?
  7. graceinc

    Should you use vpn with anonsurf?

    Yes, setting up a VPN on your iPhone and even on new iphone X although with the new iOS 11, there are changes to setup a VPN on your iPhone device. So even if you are outside using public wifi you dont need worry through these simple steps to setup a VPN your internet activity will be completely anonymous.
  8. graceinc

    Should you use vpn with anonsurf?

    Agree with him. if the VPN supports this feature then it will give good results.
  9. graceinc

    Best Password Manager?

    You must be at piece for sure.
  10. graceinc

    Hotline Miami

    Was a good one definitely, Not anymore though.
  11. graceinc

    WWIII simulator

    DEFCON is what came to my mind too. Did it help in anyway?
  12. graceinc

    Like Pokemon GO? You should definately try Ingress.

    Never liked Pokemon as a cartoon or as a game. I am sure Ingress would not entice me either. Just look at the name. Feels like someone is hungry.
  13. graceinc

    What is Your Favorite EA Games?

    UFC another pick from my side.
  14. graceinc

    What is Your Favorite EA Games?

    Xcom is good too. Missed that.
  15. graceinc


    Purevpn is the one i would recommend. Have been using for a long time now. Not expensive too.