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  1. I feel like that is my only option at this point, but I would hate to brick it. The instructions are very clear about not unplug it while the light is red.
  2. Followed a Post by Darren about using three failed boot to kick off recovery to reset the root password, but the BB has been blinking red for at least two days now. Not sure what I should. What I did: Switched to position 3 (closest to the USB header) Plugged BB in waited for green light to turn off and unplugged, three times Waited for blinking red light to stop Still waiting... Suggestions welcome.
  3. @Sebkinne I think you missed the point of the post. No one is placing blame on the HakShop nor asking for the HakShop to do anything. It took almost 2 weeks for a package to travel 12 miles, even that is beyond USPS' threshold. Implying that would indicate I am getting spied on or that an actual rabbit is on foot heading my way are jokes. Shift down turbo.
  4. Am I getting an actual bunny? Is that why it is taking so long. The Bunny was given a GPS and a promise of more carrots?
  5. I order a BB the first few days it was up for order and I still have not received it. I called USPS (They are the worst carrier) and magically it is being tracked again. Looks like it took almost two weeks to get from Richmond to Oakland. I know the USPS always fails at everything, but this is even a bit much for them. If I had sate secrets or something I would assume the package would have been compromised. I just hope the BB is still functional.
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