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  1. My new fav! Nice work.
  2. I've ran into the same issue quite frequently, loot folders with no loot. I'm still working with it though.
  3. Seems like it is getting hung up in the getting wifi creds portion. The attack never stops blinking purple. Hmm. Windows 10 on this try. I'll see what else i can try it on.
  4. One thing that might would help is if the results got stored in a file with the computername.txt instead of done.txt. Awesome stuff to start the day off with. Thanks illwill.
  5. Oh that one looked like a charm. Did you intentionally want this output to only show the first letter of the pw?
  6. Thanks for all of the great work. Just reading these codes is going to get me better fast.
  7. I accidentally lied to you, the Widumppass worked and had a folder with results I was looking for. I can't get it to do it again on the same windows 10 box.. Still working on this though. Probably something simple I am missing. With your wificreds code, should i include a.cmd in the switch folder?
  8. Windows 10 so far. I can't get the WifiCreds or Wipassdump to work. I've gotten a few others to work such as usb_exfiltrator. Very fun tool to learn with.
  9. Quickcreds is working great. Awesome tool.
  10. Creates a loot folder but no loot. I'll tinker with it more today.
  11. Maybe I missed a step, but the payload hasn't provided me with any wificreds yet. I'm getting nothing in the loot. Only tested with Windows 10 so far.
  12. Can't get it to work. hmm.. Is there an adjustment i need to make?
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