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  1. Okay so i am back, only this time with a whole lot more of junk. The first things where i didn't flash the bunny properly was just stupidity but i have since used the bunny and tested out several different payloads, some of which work and some of which do not work. The problem here is that I really am back to square one! My original whine was regarding not being able to get the adapter therefor no internet access. Well since I have worked out the kink of simply putting the payload on one of the switches and bam there it was, at that point i really thought i was home free! I am dead wrong. This sucks. I have spent many long nights recently trying to simply get internet sharing on this thing. I follow all the tutorials to a T and even sit there for hours trying different configurations just trying to get this to work. I am using putty and am able to ssh into the bunny, but that doesn't mean anything as far as having internet connection sharing from your wifi card. It is the same card i use my wifi pineapple on however no issues. Now what happens is strange, because when i plug it in, and the device shows up, you can see packets coming in and out fairly rapidly, however once i configure the ip address and subnet, the traffic completely stops. Sorry if this doesn't make much sense, but I decided to take some screen shots of this stuff that is baffling to me just to see if any of you have any ideas what the hell is happening! I think the most interesting one is the one that says i'm using The reason it is interesting as well as ANNOYING is that my private ip address starts with Not a clue where this 192 is even coming from.
  2. I have been to many different sites where others seem to have a similar issue. In fact something i read had exactly the same thought as you did and mentioned several libevent filels that needed to be downloaded. The article pointed to openwrt.org, (i believe) and there were all 5 libevent files in a list of about 10,000 other files. I Downloaded them to the pineapple and opkg'd them from there. Everything seemed to work nicely from what i can remember until I tried running the actual sslsplit. It was that point that i received the error message.I have successfully got wifite to run from the command line on the pineapple, it works great but i think sslsplit is given up the ghost at least for me, for now.
  3. I enjoy using Kali, and it's endless tools. I have one machine that I have Kali installed on and 2 others running windows. I've always been a windows user but using linux is much more interesting. I just really like the idea of being able to have a portable device which is small enough to fit in my pocket, which is essentially a tiny linux box as it is and be able to get lost in my own world trying different things out. It might sound elementary but i am playing around and learning at the same time. With that being said, i know that I have much more knowledge now that i did just a year ago.
  4. I cannot begin to explain how much time i have spent working with the terminal. In fact i prefer it. The problem is of course, the error message i mentioned above "sslsplit: can't load library 'libevent_openssl-2.0.so.5'". This happens if i install from module or if i install from the command line. Just frustrated, but keep trying.....hoping one day something will click or I might happen to see some ray of light as dumb as that sounds.
  5. With that being said, does that mean that the wifi pineapple module doesn't work or that big companies are just securing their product? I don't necessarily see how that would have any affect on whether or not the module decides to start? For example, if i use this in a place where there is a high variable of receiving clients using karma, I will see traffic blink for a freak second at the bottom of the screen, and then nothing. Not even a log! Also, regardless of the way websites use technology to deter this type of attack nowadays, in my view, this thing should still turn on and not just be a pretty looking picture for me to look at and get frustrated with. I would rather it at least turn on and say something like, "no traffic available", so at least I knew it wasn't a malfunction. Using this thing is definitely not as easy as appears. It definitely is not download and off to the races. There is a hell of a lot of knowledge and skill involved in getting any one of these modules to successfully work. It still doesn't appear that anyone can offer any actual way to get this thing to give me some results!
  6. Hello all, I have been at this for a good 8 -10 hours now where I have read forum after forum, watched video after video and read troubleshooting to the point my eyes are about to bleed. The main issue is that since i have had the pineapple nano (little over a year now) my SSLsplit has yet to work properly even once. I have tried to use this module time and time again, and though it is set to autostart, well nothing happens. Then when I turn the autostart off and hit start, the button goes red and says running but down below in the output log it either says that it is not in fact running or even worse, sometimes says that it is not even installed! I mean, as far as i can begin to know, this is sort of the meat and potatoes of the pineapple, thus only being a small piece of what can be used, but a crucial one especially when learning about pen testing. I have tried installing through ssh, spent hours on that, but i end up with one single annoying message every time. "sslsplit: can't load library 'libevent_openssl-2.0.so.5'". There is absolutely no hope from running it from the command line, so I have reached the point where I just need to flat out ask for help. I have read on some other threads where some people are having a similar issue, however I just don't understand this at all! Am i wrong to assume that this is a downloadable module or infusion for the pineapple gui and that once downloaded to internal storage (from what i have read) and then installed the dependencies that it is supposed to work without further intervention? I assume that when i ssh into the pineapple is the way to fine tune things, but shouldn't this just flat out be working ? Or is there some kind of invisible step that I am missing here? I don't mind using the command line to work this out, however I am not a superstar and I am a windows user, however i use Bitvise ssh client to ssh in and go from there but again I am not command line guru. Is there anyone who can help me? I have factory reset this thing a bunch of times, though i would rather not but have done so as i am hoping that something will change. I guess that after a year of playing with this thing I should without doubt had the success of being able to get the sslsplit infusion to work so i could see what everyone is always talking about when they've successfully had several connected clients to work with. Please help, there is so much to read and I end up with 40 open tabs trying to figure out what's going on, but ultimately forget where i even began. In the below picture shows how sslsplit says that it is running but it is clearly not. I do believe that this is the least of the issues at hand. -Thanks
  7. Strange enough as it is, i was following a tutorial on youtube.com, and i copied down the script for the test payload described on there. After i took out my bb, switched it into attack mode 1, and put it into my machine, at that time i finally saw it ask me for a public or private connection via eth #4. The only weird part was that I didnt think that was the payload to get my bunny set up, and still don't think it is but hey, it worked for me! I think that i had made a mistake on installing the firmware update because this time around it worked and i was able to get the thing up and running. I'd do this all night and well in to tomorrow at least i was able to stay up this late since working late shift tomrw. THanks again for the help, i really think that like you said, it is all about a proper installation of the firmware as i now have serial connection, as well as internet connection sharing. THanks! ) and
  8. "The reason you can't access when the Bunny is in arming mode is the fact that arming mode doesn't run the ethernet adapter you describe. It runs the serial adapter, which can be accessed via PuTTY or whatever serial program you use." Hi there, I really appreciate your assistance. I bought the bunny because i have been using the Ducky, and learned about this new tool and well i did decide purchase it with little knowledge, however it is simply something that I will learn with as i go along much like i did with the wifi pineapple! About what you have said with using putty, I have been down that route, and since my laptop doesn't have serial ports or at least didn't have them until I looked into how to get them installed there is no way for me to connect via ssh. I was able to using Kali Linux, but I like using my windows machine and and any machines I would be testing the bunny one would be windows machines as well. In my device manager, serial ports now at least show up, however everything is in grey and it doesn't recognize the device. I am going through this tutorial piece by piece as you have written it and I will have to let you know if I make any progress once through. Thanks again for the response.
  9. I thought that when you plugged this bunny into your USB port in attack mode it was supposed to show up as an Ethernet card? I have nothing showing no matter what i do. With that being said i cannot set the address to To that end i can't get into via ssh and start to dabble around. Basically i am stuck at step number 1 other than opening the red package it came in. Kind of bummed out not sure what the issue is. Any help is very welcomed. Thanks, Brendan
  10. Hi there, really appreciate your response. I imagine you would suggest my using a Linux box then. I have Kali as a VM on my Alienware laptop but it just is not the same thing and i have no clue what is going on with respect to the wireless cards. Another funky thing is that i have no serial ports in my device manager, however installed some drivers but all in all it ends up taking a good hour or 2 of work where it may or may not even work. That can be frustrating. I like windows, but understand how much better Linux is for this type of testing. I guess my biggest issue with Kali, is how every time i set my card into monitor mode it basically disappears from existence and i have to restart the machine. This is even if i have Ethernet plugged in, WiFi running and a second wireless external card attached. I guess i will go ahead and just fire up Kali! Thanks Brendan
  11. Hey all, I have owned the Nano now for about a year and it's a super cool product. I have played around with it basically on my own with little direction since buying it, however I bought the wifi pineapple book and read it, and have watched and searched many different methods for how to correctly use the pineapple as it is certainly capable of many different tasks and with that being said, it does require a great aspect of knowledge at least in certain areas. One frustrating thing i have always noticed is that although there are an enormous amount of "how to" videos out there on YouTube, the thing i cant seem to wrap my head around is that they are mostly all regarding the older interface of the pineapple. For example, for the longest time, until i read the book I was not sure what the heck karma was on the new interface because it does not say "karma" on the tab, only "pineAP". I had my assumptions that this was karma, but due to my lack of experience i just was not sure. In any event, i have been on the search since obtaining the Nano for specific information or help strictly with the new interface. I will sit around and play with this thing for hours at a time, but most of the time i end up at step one and ultimately sort of frustrated. I would like to try out some modules, but can't really find much in regards to the individual modules themselves where i can watch someone take action. If anyone has any possible pointers for me so i can take this to the next level i would certainly appreciate it. Even with the ssh portion of the pineapple, i am able to ssh into it and for example, i can run reaver, but to me that is just like using Kali Linux, and what about all the other cool functions? I really would like to know if anyone can point me in the direction of some good solid videos, with the new interface for the Nano, and not just the intro videos. I don't even bother to watch the more in depth videos because I am lost by that point and i know there are so many of them out there. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thx Brendan
  12. Okay well after some reading, I yes this is a noob thing, but I had no clue I could access all of this from the command line. In fact i think i like it better it is quicker! Now to try it this way....
  13. I am a noob here however i have owned the pineapple for maybe 3 months or so now. I am having some problems as i definitely sit and try to figure this thing out for hours upon hours. I really want to see something work, something that is not super involved just to give me some excitement to continue to keep going. I have tried over and over using Reaver and I have used it on Kali, but from the look on the pineapple, it is just different, at least looking. I have also tried Bully on the pineapple but i get an error often times. I have been trying to crack wps on a cellular hot spot that i have connected to my computer and have fiddled with the settings over and over. I am getting a few different distinct messages shown below. Does Reaver and many of the modules or dependencies not work on windows possibly? I ask because on a Linux machine you can change the modes of the wireless cards via command and i am wondering if maybe the cards cant be set into monitor mode or what? [!] WARNING: Failed to associate with D2:00:00:B8:00:EB (ESSID: 9C:00:5B:89:00:00) (bogus macs) [!] Bully v1.0-22 - WPS vulnerability assessment utility [+] Switching interface 'wlan0-1mon' to channel '11' [!] ioctl(SIOCSIWFREQ) on 'wlan0-1mon' failed with '-1' [X] Unable to set channel on 'wlan0-1mon', exiting {"error":"Module returned empty response"} - This happened to show up in the output log that usually says "failed to associate" I am dying see something happen here and I know it comes very easily to a good majority of you. Can anyone give some pointers? Thanks a bunch
  14. If this is regarding the issue when you have downloaded all modules but after pulling up the UI nothing shows? You are using fancy words but i see what you are talking about. I have no idea how to mount this sd card, but the only thing that has worked for me is to plug in the nano, pull up modules, verify that they have not loaded and then pop the card out for about 5 seconds, then click it back in place and then refresh the page. This works for me 100% of the time and all of my modules that I have saved on the card appear and are ready for use.
  15. Just today i checked out this video about using dnsspoof and came across this page..https://scotthelme.co.uk/wifi-pineapple-karma-dnsspoof/. I don't know if cabinet has any way to upload as all of this is really new to me still but i did learn that you can create files and load them onto your pineapple's sd card by using winscp. Would be nice for you to be able to just mount the card into your hd but since I don't think this is possible, using winscp absolutely comes through clutch!
  16. You would have to connect in client mode and then you would be able to use the features. I bought the battery juice pack and it helps having this so that you don't have to screw around with plugging into an actual power source and it is portable.
  17. I am by no means an expert but I believe i was running into the same issue. I found out a few things through trial and error. I'm using an iphone and also was using my galaxy tablet and i would click on the open access point that i had created but it would give an error message saying it can' connect. The only thing that I found was a few things that are frustrating so i totally understand where youre coming from. First thing noticed was that my wifi pineapple's open access point that i created was not able to connect so naturally and unfortunately all to often i had to reboot and hit update access point in order to get internet connection sharing to work properly. This seemed to help with being able to connect to my open access point as could be seen using DWall. I noticed that once the access point connected the first time it then automatically connected which was frustrating because often times there would be a wifi connection showing on my access point list (on iphone etc), but no actual internet so it would not connect. Also, in order to get your phone or whatever to connect for the first time, you have to have an active access point for it to connect to or it will just not connect. The other issue that I noticed but cannot figure out is that I will have connection to this access point with my iphone, my tablet, and another machine using kali linux as could be seen in connected devices but when i tried to browse the internet from any device a message would say "server not found", and i could not browse which piuts a little damper on any possible successful sniffing or information gathering. Is it possible that you are having a similar issue as me where your access point seems to have gone into hibernate and not offering a connection? Best of luck....
  18. I am also new and have some problems that are similar however I get clients to connect but then my internet sharing doesn't work and any device I connect with gets an error message saying a hostname can't be found. Really frustrating! -Clients connect but no working internet -wifi pineapple seems to work for a few minutes with pine AP running and then suddenly everything comes to a halt and i have to reboot. - I cannot get into the meat and potatoes of learning how to use the software because i have to constantly stop to either reset the pineapple, reconnect client mode (if using) and this is non-stop. It absolutely will not keep a working client connection for longer than 10 minutes. I really want to learn how to do some of this pen testing, as i am very aware that it is not "user-friendly" and one has got to be very patient while trying to learn but when constantly having to reconnect the wifi pineapple and go back to make sure that certain dependencies are running it can get very confusing and stop you dead in your tracks! Is there anything that I can go to that will just give a simple step by step no fail set of instructions that I can try to get started with? It is super nice to learn from those who are in the fast lane but for the beginners, we need things to be literally explained in detail! Another thing that I have trouble with is the user interface. I find that too many of the youtube videos that talk about the Wifi Pineapple Nano are all in the older user interface which to someone who is trying to put the pieces together it is sort of like trying to put together a massive puzzle with the wrong instructions! Sorry I am complaining but i do spend several hours at a time and i really am trying to get somewhere. Anyone have some advice?
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