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  1. Same problem with me, I have decided to make the recorvery mode and I got the same thing. Can anyone help us.
  2. but I did not need to modify the payload? should I not replace source bunny_helpers.sh by get.sh ?And how ?
  3. same problem with me, can someone help us ?..
  4. Yes my payload work wen i don't specify the language. This payload don't work: #!/bin/bash LED B ATTACKMODE HID Q SET_LANGUAGE fr Q DELAY 3000 Q STRING starting with fr language option Q ENTER LED R
  5. I think it s my QUACK command who don't work because i add fr.json manually under /root/tools/languages . Do you know how to fix it?
  6. For me when i write :"QUACK SET_LANGUAGE fr" it s not working.Nothing appear.Not even querty write. Do you know why ? ?
  7. How do you copy your [language].json to tools/languages ?
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