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  1. @Foxtrot sorry my mistake... Everything is working great now
  2. @sud0nick ty ill check it!!
  3. @sud0nick I can clone it with SSH but it doesn't appear in the web interface in the portal auth module, it had to appear there or just in the evil portal?
  4. @sud0nick I already created the portal by SSH with no errors... it said just Complete..., but in the web interface it say: "No Captive Portal Detected", also a reboot the pineapple but it still cant detect the portal.
  5. Hi Im newbie using wifi pineapple, and im testing the portal auth module with http://www.starbucks.es/coffeehouse/wireless-internet, but when i hit the clone button it take a long time in "Cloning Portal..." and them said "An error has occurred. Check the logs for details." i tried this many times with the same result and there is no log in the error logs. Does anybody know what happens? Ty
  6. Hi I bought a pineapple tetra a few days ago, and im trying to share the internet connection, im already updated the firmware and all the pineapple initial setup, and then i run the connection sharing script, and it restart the wifi pineapple and cant connect to internet. spineapplenmask= spineapplenet= spineapplelan=enp0s20f0u6 spineapplewan=wlp4s0 spineapplegw= spineapplehostip= spineappleip= As seen above my internet connection interface is the wireless integrated adapter of my laptop. Does anybody can do it?
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