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  1. I will be getting all of the devices mentioned above... lol. This is just to keep the wheels greased to get me by until I can purchase a field kit. I was trying to respond to this latest post Decoy, but I was blocked from posting as I had not had 5 posts from what I read is the reason why. Since I'm new here. Thanks for the info though!
  2. Pineapple and the Bunny have been the most recommended so far... So it looks like it's going to end up being one of those. I think i'm still leaning pineapple though as I think it would be cool just to throw in a backpack or on a belt and walk around and see what all I could grab with it. You do make a strong point for the Bunny Decoy, so the decision is still up in the air for just a bit longer now... Anyone else care to chime in? Thank you again for the input! neotracer
  3. Does anyone else even have one of the devices have any input on this. I mean which device or devices do you have? Which of these is your go to for fun or profit and why? I just want to know which world be good to keep me occupied while I save up for a complete kit. I may be leaning pineapple but would love to hear some more opinions on this. Thanks again, neotracer
  4. Rkiver, Thank you for a quick response! My apologies on not clarifying and that I did not articulate what I was trying to say. I through the post together right before I fell asleep last night or should I say this morning..?. I will be getting all of the devices (Pineapple, Bunny, Turtle, Ducky) at some point in the somewhat near future and yes I will be getting both Wifi Pineapple versions as I see different use scenarios for each device. I'm a Network Engineer/Technician by trade and deal with both wired and wireless networks. I will be learning/playing with all of the devices and seeing what all they can and will do. I was asking as I can only afford to purchase one right now until I can save up and get everything else in one of the Field Kit's. I'm wanting to pick up a device to play with while I save up. I'm also waiting for the Bash Bunny to be offered in the new Field Kits. The more I'm thinking now I'm leaning toward the Nano Tactical Elite. I'm still open to other options though. I'm also curious as to which one of these would be good for a complete noob as my son recently told me that he may be interested in learning to become a pentester as he will be starting college next year. <<< Another thing that peaked my interests again. Thanks for you time and consideration, neotracer .
  5. Hello All, I have been in and out of the scene for years and I needed to hack into a few devices for work recently. Anyway with my interest reinvigorated I was wanting to know what would be a good starting point to purchase one of these devices. I'm up in the air on this as I will probably end up with another one once I purchase a field kit. I'm leaning toward the USB Rubber Ducky or the LAN Turtle as cash is a bit tight right now. On the flip side of this though is if I get the Wifi Pineapple Nano I will not end up with a double device if I get the Elite Field Kit as that comes with the Tetra.I figure when the Upgraded Field Kits release they will have the Bash Bunny also. Then I will have all the Things! YAY! Opinions, thoughts, and what is your reasoning? Thank you in advance for all feedback, neotracer
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