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  1. Sebkinne, I sent you a forum private message about a week ago, did you not get it? I never saw a response
  2. My problem was that I was plugging the device into the cable, and the cable into a USB hub from the target. When the cable was plugged directly into the target, all worked fine. Then I realized hubs don't play nicely with OTG.
  3. perhaps it's a pebkac issue, further testing in progress
  4. Has anyone actually tested this with success? I now have this cable and can power up the BB with it, but the payloads fail. If I use the cable without connecting the power supply it boots from the target-provided power and everything works, just as if I didn't use the cable at all.
  5. Can't contact you via forum Messages, don't have any other contact info for you. I need admin help with a forum issue. Please DM me from the HAK5 account on Twitter or email me if you have my addy. Thanks, ziplock
  6. I'm making a usb splitter cable, bunny plugs into the female side. One male side has wires 2 and 3 (data, white and green) to plug into target, another male side has wires 1 and 4 (power, red and black) going to my Anker battery. Clumsy but workable, idea could also be adapted for other external battery types....
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