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  1. Thanks guys ! I'll give it a shot...thanks for being so supportive and so patient with the non-gurus...
  2. Dammit, I wasn't able to post my snip....
  3. I'm still having the same problem as the OP..... I've moved the tool to install folder to switch 2, and ran it with the switch in the correct position, but I never got any light but green. For what it's worth, here's what it looks like when I serial in... ...not seeing any hidden files, but also not seeing the folders I need to be seeing apparently. I'd be happy to try to install the necessary files manually, if anyone can describe how that's done ?
  4. I've got no pentest folder in the root directory...if i cd .. from the initial dir i wind up in from the console, I see bin, dev, home, etc...but no pentest.
  5. If I open a console to examine the root directory of the bunny, I note that there is no /pentest
  6. Got it, I've done these things, but I now have a white blinking light, which I gather indicates that "dependencies not met", responder not installed in /pentest...
  7. So I've copied a payload from the webpage (quickcreds); and by copied, I mean I clicked and dragged to encompass the entire entry, then copied that into the existing text file found in switch 1, underneath the ... #!/bin/bash LED G ATTACKMODE ECM_ETHERNET STORAGE ...that I found there. I then switched to the appropriate switch and tried it. Nothing happened, but I didn't expect it to, since I know I'm probably doing it wrong.
  8. Hi everyone I apologize in advance for these noob questions, but I'm not certain how to copy payload files into the bunny's switch folders. Do i just copy the actual text from the webpage that shows the different payloads then paste it into the switch folder ? Or do I copy and paste it into the existing payload text file that's already there ? I've been reading the forums, and is there anything I need to do to set it up initially beyond plugging it in ? I appreciate any help; just trying to learn from the ground up.
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