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  1. To use the battery as a failover device, and charge it when not in use, you just need a couple of diode and resister. A voltage regulator is also a good idea. The only concern I'd have with a small battery is finding one which can provide the required power but if it's possible to find one which could be built in without making the case bigger, it would allow the Bunny to be used in plenty of other attack scenarios.
  2. I've been reading a few manufacturer's data sheets and it seems that this could be done very easily with a USB keylogger style box with a USB plug on one end, a USB socket on the other and a battery pack input. Depending on how you wired the battery connection, you could have it charged from the host you're attacking, but you may hit the USB current supply limit (without drivers) so using an external power pack (such as a Juice) may make more sense.
  3. And a small USB Micro charge/run socket would also be helpful. I'm still waiting for my Bunnies to arrive; does anyone know how hackable the hardware is?
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