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  1. Thanks Capt. (Love the username btw)! I did do some googling. I couldn't get it to crack the password (I have a pretty good one set) but I definitely got the hash (and good knowledge on how to do this attack now). Thanks for all your help! I can confirm that this payload works flawlessly.
  2. I have what looks like a NTLM hash. Just to verify can someone give me the "syntax" of how one is? From what I understand it should be 32 Characters total.
  3. I am not quite sure that it worked for me. It seems like all the logs populate, but for some reason in the responder session log the "NTLM hash:" part is blank. In the Proxy-Auth NTLMv2 log has different things in there every time I plug it into the "victim (myself)" machine. I would think I would get the same hashes every time I test this out... So I dont think that is the hash. If I am having a noob moment can someone assist me?
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