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  1. Auto ssh Headache

    Lan Turtle with Ubuntu 16.10 in cloud. I have root access. Like I said it works if you shutdown autossh and then unplug and plug back in. What else do you need to know about setup? Lan Turtle is default just like Darren does in video. Remote Port 2222 port 22
  2. Auto ssh Headache

    I'm having the same problem and it still won't allow a connection even after waiting a long time. For whatever reason, if autossh was started when I unplug turtle the next time I plug it in I can't connect. If I stop the autossh service before unplugging it works fine when plugged in next time. Thought? Ideas?
  3. Autossh troubles :-(

    I do still have one issue. If I plug in turtle and try to connect it won't work. If I login local on turtle and stop autossh and then unplug it and plug it back it I can connect fine but when I unplug and plug it back it fails to allow connections. It seems if autoshh isn't stop first before unplugging turtle then next time it's plug in it won't work. Thoughts?
  4. Autossh troubles :-(

    Figured out the issue I had to set port to 22 :-)
  5. Autossh troubles :-(

    One more thing I also confirmed that when I go to shell on turtle I can ssh in just fine on default port 22 without giving a password so I know the keys are shared properly.
  6. Autossh troubles :-(

    I have been trying to my turtle to connect to my VPS and I just can't get it to work. I go though the entire set-up and when I get on my VPS server and attempt to connect to port 2222 or port 2200 it says connection refused. Please help port 2222 remote port 2200 local port 22
  7. Bash Bunny Issues :-(

    What about Serial? I've also tried to do the nmap payload now 4 times and it never seems to work. I'm experiencing many issues so far :-( Hope someone can tell me what I'm missing as I'm beating my head against the wall here :-(
  8. Bash Bunny Issues :-(

    It shows under device manager but driver install fails on all three systems. Was going to use putty but no com port not serial connection possible. Plus since drive won't install no ethernet connection possible either.
  9. Bash Bunny Issues :-(

    Just tried on my Windows 10 machine with the same result. What am I missing here since it fails to work on every Windows machine I have tried to do this on :-( Thanks :-)
  10. Bash Bunny Issues :-(

    Just tried it on my Windows 7 Box with same results I can copy data to it like a flash drive but it doesn't recognize it as ethernet and fails to install driver so serial connection is not possible as well.
  11. Bash Bunny Issues :-(

    Just got my bunny and was super excited but plugged it into my Windows 8.1 and it showed as storage like it should but you cant ssh to it and serial connecton does not function at all. Thoughts? Thanks a bunch,