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  1. Hi, could you help me in my topic ? (


  2. Already tried all of it, I'm really waiting and admin to help me, that's quite sad .. (and 100$ bashbunny would worth a lil' support service btw ._.)
  3. Hi, as you may saw, I had a lot of troubles with my bashbunny. Now, I can access it in arming mode, I can connect to the lil' debian inside, but when I try to run any payload (on switch1 or switch2, it doesn't matter), I only see a green led blinking, and nothing else happen. ** Please, answer to this post only if you can help, I d'ont want this topic to have 45 answers, and not any answer that could help, dev won't care about a topic if there's to much answers ** What i did : * Had some problems with install_tools (Input/Output error, everything was in read-only) * Used gparted to format the partition where payloads are saved * Used windows to make sure that it was formated (someone told me to try it) * Copied the loot/payloads/library/switchX directories * Bought a rope and a stool, just in case if nobody can help me Any dev could have an idea to save me ? Thx
  4. Could you explain how you did for your bashbunny to work again ? I did exactly the same, it was in read-only after a fail with the tools installer, then I formatted, and now, my bashbunny can only be used as a usb ^^'
  5. ZZZ_

    I may killed it

    By the way, if someone could upload the entire directory architecture, that would be great, I could see if I'm missing files :)
  6. ZZZ_

    I may killed it

    I used gparted to format the 2gb partition beacause I could'nt do anything on 'switch1' or 'switch2' folder. I did the factory reset, and now, in the switch1 payload i typed : LED R B 0 ATTACKMODE ECM_ETHERNET STORAGE But when i plud my bashbunny to my computer using the switch1, the led don't get purple, it keep blinking in green. That's soooooo sad :/
  7. ZZZ_

    I may killed it

    Thanks it worked well ! The only issue now is that even if i put it on the switch 1 or switch 2, nothing happen, it still blink in green like if no payloads was on it Maybe I'm missing some files at the root ? Some have been deleted
  8. ZZZ_

    I may killed it

    And i've got an error 'Input/Output Error' btw, i'll post some screenshots later
  9. Hi, I tried some payloads, and when I was installing the tools I unpluged my bashbunny like a tard, now, when I plug it in my computer, gparted tell me that the device is busy and I can't do anything on it, the fs is in read-only so I can't change my payload, and the blue led is blinking non stop in arming mode, I can't start the revovery process Any help to rescue this lil bunny ? :)
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