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  1. I've encountered similar issues. If there is any sort of proxy firewall, that can play havoc as it doesn't propagate to the bunny. Also, I have found that if docker is installed on the host, it, too, can play havoc with the forwarding (even if not behind a proxy). I've had to flush the IP tables and rerun the bb.sh to get it to work. Moreover, when behind a proxy, I've found to get the bunny to work with the Internet, go in and manually reconfigure the bunny's /etc/resolv.conf (where google's DNS may not be accessible behind a firewall). Manually tweaking /etc/apt/apt.conf and possibly for good measure /etc/environment with the various proxy/configuration variables in place also helps. E.g., /etc/apt/apt.conf Acquire::http::Proxy "http://proxy.example.com:1080/"; Acquire::https::Proxy "http://proxy.example.com:1080/"; After configured, you'll probably want to undo your changes so you can deploy it as desired.
  2. On the show you demo rdp_check.py, but it appears on my new BashBunny to have complained that one of the python libraries wasn't installed: root@bunny:/pentest/impacket/examples# ./rdp_check.py CRITICAL:root:pyOpenSSL is not installed, can't continue However, after doing apt-get install python-openssl the script worked. Was this a package you had to manually install and are their others that missed installation on the first batch of bunnies?
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