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  1. Ace, that worked. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi, I'm trying to set a UK keyboard layout for ducky scripts using the bash bunny. My "\" is being run as "#" which prevents me from entering Windows dirs, etc. I've run the payload for "DuckyInstall", which completed successfully and looking at the ducky template, setting the language should be as I have done in my script: LED G ATTACKMODE HID # Set your language here LANGUAGE='gb' # Run Ducky Script LED R B QUACK switch2/ducky.txt After this, no change (still seeing "#" instead of "\" in file paths) I connected to the bunny via serial to check the install of 'duckyinstall'. I found the "gb.json" in the following dir: /root/tools/DuckToolKit/ducktoolkit/languages I also copied this file to /root/tools/languages - so this dir now contains "us.json" and "gb.json". Tried the script again and no dice. Still getting "#" input instead of "\". Any pointers would be appreciated - thanks.
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