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  1. I've not tried it on Mac yet, but I'll play around with it tonight.
  2. Did you change the ATTACKMODE in the payload.txt?
  3. I don't use Windows so forgive my ignorance but... wouldn't remotely editing the registry of another windows machine on the same network require you to authenticate to that machine?
  4. Just as a note - I found that if you have tools_installer in your library the install script will pick that up first and will do the install from there and NOT from the switch directory.
  5. Check that whatever you were doing didn't set the led to blink red. Some of the payloads I've seen do that in certain conditions (such as not obtaining an ip, in the nmap payload). The red flash only means recovery mode if it happens while it's booting.
  6. How are you checking the content in the directory to determine if it's empty? When I ran the exact command being used "ls -A" in the tools_to_install directory I noticed there were still results for ._impacket and ._responder, which caused it to fail. Perhaps remove the "-A" from the command, since we really only need ls?
  7. I didn't - so not sure if they cause problems with the automated install, or if that's caused by the ._impacket and ._responder. I'll test later this afternoon/evening though.
  8. I also got a solid red upon trying to run the install_tools payload. So, I connected via serial and tried to run install.sh manually and also got the "unexpected end of file" error. When I opened install.sh in vi I noted it had ^M line endings, so I copied the file from github and pasted the text of it into a new install.sh, which ran fine. It looks like the original was created on Windows and the line endings cause some problems. I still got the solid red on running it, and discovered that after moving impacket and responder to /pentest there were two things remaining in tools_to_install (._impacket and ._responder) that show up with ls -A (which the script runs to check that the move was successful) I rm'd those, and did an rm -rf on /pentest and re-ran install.sh, which now completed successfully.
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