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  1. Many battery packs have smart functionality built in like QuickCharge, which I'm guessing uses the data pins. My guess is those data pins are being engaged and not available to the host when you plug in. Might try a cheapo cable that only does power... or snip the data lines from the battery. Uncharted territory...
  2. So with just a phone and this cable you can have a pre-powered bunny. Pretty slick...
  3. Here's the easy way to do this, no cable mods required Parts: - Micro USB Host OTG Cable with USB Power - Adapter for target device - USB battery pack (or just your phone if it can output enough juice ~500 mA) Edit: This is kind of cool too: https://www.amazon.com/PLAY-STORE-Charge-Durable-Material-Standsrd-Android-White/dp/B017X2BOWA/
  4. Results in no devices at all in Windows. No, serial, storage, or rndis is available. Does not even register as a USB device!
  5. I figured out which driver to get SERIAL RNDIS_ETHERNET working in Win10. In device manager select your unrecognized RNDIS adapter Browse my computer for driver software Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer IBM Corporation IBM USB Remote NDIS Network Device
  6. Trying get bbunny online with bb.sh. Have switch2 set to ATTACKMODE SERIAL ECM_ETHERNET. Eth0 -> Eth1 appears to work but connecting to ttyACM0 with screen yields a unresponsive login. No problem connecting to serial console in payload mode. Any ideas why the console craps out with ECM_ETH enabled?
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