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  1. I think I have a script to do this at the work, I'll have a look for you.
  2. I was wondering if there were any free tools that can do this? I have a wep key string in HEX (128bit) but I want to know what it actually says (in english) Does anyone know of any tools? I am currently searching google, but nothing appears to be what I am after at the moment. All help is appreciated.
  3. The original is 1920x1440 but I have shrunk it down to 1024x768
  4. You should try ConText (http://www.context.cx) great for little projects and very lightweight.
  5. I have to say 2007, I use it all the time now, I just think it looks good, it seems to be solid and with the PDF exporter (addon) means I can make PDFs on the fly without needing Acrobat.
  6. Hi, I'm Stephen aka minignaz Favourite game: Half-Life 2 Favourite OS: Windows (All Flavours) Favourite console: Wii Nationality: British Accent: Scottish Sex: Male Age: 23 Race: White Height: 5â€5’ Status: Engaged Build: Bigger than average Favourite band: Favourite book: Alice In Wonderland (Lewis Carrol) Favourite author: Lewis Carrol Favourite movie: Empire Strikes Back Favourite director: Steven Spielberg Favourite TV Show: BSG (the new one) Favourite actor: Jonny Depp Favourite actress: ...can't actually think of one at the moment... Favourite Pinup: my fiance (kee
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