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  1. https://zone13.io/post/cracking-ntlmv2-responses-captured-using-responder/
  2. Im going to look into this too but if someone is able to code it into a payload package please link it here!
  3. diverg

    Install Tools

    Should the payload not be this below? (Not sure where the payload.txt is being run so I hardcoded the full path instead of ./install.sh) Also it says that install.sh is renamed once completed but I don't see that anywhere in the install.sh script. #!/bin/bash # All of the heavy lifting of this payload occurs in install.sh # which gets renamed to install.sh.INSTALLED once completed. ATTACKMODE SERIAL STORAGE /root/udisk/payloads/switchX/install.sh
  4. diverg

    Install Tools

    Haven't gotten my bunny yet but from what Ive gathered is install.sh another special filename like payload.txt that gets run? When looking through the tools_installer payload.txt there is nothing that actually calls the install.sh file which might be part of the confusion about how the tools installer is supposed to be run.
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