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  1. i have used several different usb/thunderbolt network interfaces. even a pi zero doing the same sort of thing as this. while i was testing, i even spoofed the VID/PID of the devices i've used successfully in the past. i'll keep experimenting. if i figure out what went wrong i'll post it.
  2. i think it may have been something on my machine. i have it working on another mac just fine. my previous test unit was dual mac/debian and neither OS was auto negotiating an ip address with the bunny. Tested great on windows so i got another box and it worked. imagine that.
  3. closer inspection showing that it is showing up as RNDIS_ETHERNET when ECM is set as attack mode. ideas?
  4. I have been unable to get my bashbunny to show up as a usb network interface for linux/mac. i have set my ATTACKMODE ECM_ETHERNET. other modes are working. anyone else seen this? ideas?
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