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  1. I have 90 SSID's in my pool. But how do I get people to connect? Just keep all these SSID's in the air and hope for a connection? I tried deauth, but none of those clients connects.... Is there a nice guide to achieve the most clients to connect.. Sorry for all these newb questions.
  2. But lets say I want to "capture" everyone, I need to keep broadcasting all these SSID's right?
  3. To get clients to connect to my Pineapple I don't have to broadcast SSID pool right? I have like 50 networks in the pool. That would look a bit suspicious if I would be broadcasting all of these right?
  4. I was wondering if it would be a problem to have your tetra always on (24-7)
  5. Now trying to find a way to get others to connect
  6. I just mentioned that its now in Deny mode.. I can connect now.. No Mac's in the filterlist.
  7. I myself can connect now. No clients in filterlist. So deny mode.. Now to find a way to get other clients to connect. Have 20 ssids in the pool.
  8. Got the tetra up and running. Created a open wifi. When I want to connect to that network with my iPhone it says: connection not possible. Checked all the boxes. Filterlist is empty
  9. Just installed the Tetra on mac. I used internetsharing. Tetra had internet. But my mac hasnt. When I unplug the Ycable my mac gets internet. Is this usual? So When I use the pineapple connected to my mac with the USB y cable the Tetra had internet. My mac hasnt. When I disconnect the y cable mac has internet.
  10. Another question in regards to the Tetra: i have a new MB pro 2016 with osx sierra. The USB c MBpro. I asked a question if I could use the Tetra with mac. That is possible I have read. Would it be better to just install Kali 2.0 on a VM and use the tetra that way? Or would that become a bit complicated? or can a tetra on,y be used to its full potential on a Windows machine? thanks
  11. Thanks for the help guys. I might just order one.
  12. I am new to the forum and want to buy the Tetra. I was wondering one thing before I buy: is it easy to set up on a new MacBook pro with Sierra? Or is it better to setup with a windows machine ( which I dont have ). I read somewhere that you need to do a little bit of terminal work in OSX. Will that cause any security issues on my mac? after I set everything up through osx, I can than manage everything through the wireless management right?
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