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  1. I found a script for ducky, that looked pretty cool, and also a thing I wanted to try.

    So I changed the details, for what I needed. To test how if it worked right (just if the text was right) I encoded it to open TextEdit instead of Terminal, now I got my inject.bin and plugged in my ducky. It opens TextEdit and types it in, BUT... for some reason it changes all > to § and < to $ it also changes ' to ’. I'm guessing it's because of the keyboard language but I'm using Danish keyboard and also encode it with Danish??


    Sorry if bad English, and thx for any help and info given!

  2. Hey, everybody, I'm kinda new to rubber ducky (only know the very basic of script writing and stuff)

    Soo? I got my script with works as it should, no problem when I run it in terminal (on MacOSX) and that's both when I type it in manually but also if I run it from a TextEdit

    I then used a program called Platypus to make the script to a .app, still no problem. Now if I wanted to run that .app on inject of the ducky, how should I do that?

    Like I got the .app on the SD card, which I think is called NO NAME, so I wrote the inject.bin script to open terminal and locate the USB (NO NAME) and run the .app from there

    DELAY 3000
    DELAY 200
    STRING Terminal
    DELAY 200
    DELAY 200
    STRING open /Volumes/NO\ NAME/*theappname*.app/

    But it don't seem to be able to find the USB? is that because the USB doesn't show when plugged in, as an USB, but instead as a keyboard or what??...

    Am I doing something wrong, or is it basic that I can't access it like that?

    Read something about Twinduck firmware? can that help me, and would anybody recommend it anyways?


    Ideas, support and info are much appreciated. Thx and sorry if bad English (second language)

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