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  1. Darren will we have to update/ install anything day 1? or will be able to throw payloads on and start using right away
  2. Confirmation email received, shipping now. Now just to wait.
  3. Hopefully there will be a video or some kinda tutorial instructions on release on how to install stuff like installers, updates,etc.You already got one? lucky you
  4. checking out payloads github, don't tell me there's only a few scripts available currently for when it arrives
  5. Me too. Went for basic shipping hoping it will still be relatively quick. Eager to give this a go.
  6. Can there be a version that snags also images, address books,emails, bookmarks, passwords,etc. an AIO (all-in one) that takes anything remotely interesting =)
  7. Yeah ordered mine yesterday and i assume it will arrive early to mid next week? eager to get a glimpse at what scripts will be made available hope we get a video soon as well.
  8. yeah might order a ducky as a supplemental attack when i need something quick and discrete, when time around the target is an issue. Hope there will be a nice tutorial on the way and the repository has some nice scripts available.
  9. ahh... okay but its not really hard to distract someone from their machine for 7 seconds, most people walk away without even waiting for the lock screen to kick in ie: bathroom breaks
  10. Thanks Tyler for clarifying its pros and cons vs. the ducky. just curious why it needs 7 secs to start up and if there was a way to cut that down.
  11. Is it possible we could get a clearer description of how this differs or is similar to the usb rubber ducky? a little unclear as to the pros and cons (strengths and weaknesses) of this vs. the ducky. Is it still worth having a ducky or does this supersede it? i understand this runs slower and needs 7 seconds start time but aside from that how is it better? is it still worth getting a ducky if you own this? yes i saw the video but still a bit unclear how so.
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