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  1. Thank you. Yeah it shows that header when i putty into it. just was not sure because i don't recall it going through the red/blue flashing sequence.
  2. the version file states 1.1_128 but that could just mean the txt copied over. also not seeing a udisk folder.Looks like the new folder structure came over but still not convinced it went through the firmware update properly, Where do i see the bunny header? again sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the help
  3. okay looks like it installed, but not certain how to verify? also how to make certain helpers are installed as well.
  4. ugh...did i screw something up its flashing red continuously and the bb does no seem to be showing up in my computer as bash bunny anymore. how to reset it to factory?
  5. you literally just moved the 446mb compressed tar.gz over to root in arm mode?
  6. jhack did it go through the 1.1 install though, red/blue alternate colors? How did others get the 1.1 to install? did you literally bring the tar.gz files and copy it over to root with the previous 1.0 files?
  7. So how do we technically install this? Yes i know darren says copy it over the tar.gz file but is it really that simple, or do we uncompress it first? Do we put it in root along with the previous 1.0 files and it will overwrite? Sorry been away for awhile and don't wanna mess up the upgrade. thanks edit: okay brought the tar.gz file over in arming mode, safely ejected it, plugged back in. was green for reboot for like a minute now its just flashing red (not red/blue alternate)
  8. This seems awfully sensationalistic No offense but you just want something to make people go omg fear mongering instead of the opposite hmm..that looks interesting let me learn how that works so i can better protect myself and learn. Hollywood and the media do enough in that regard. You just want everything handed over to you and trying to twist it around that he or us are trying to be rude and unhelpful when in fact you deflecting it because your lazy or don't really wanna know how it works. Gimmie the solution but I don't wanna go through the work and effort. Did I guess right? asking for help and then playing the poor sympathy martyr card when you don't like the answer is awfully immature and pathetic You want to give a presentation on something when you don't know how the device works? You get offended when called upon it and you show no intention to even learn how it works beyond a rudimentary response you'd expect from a child "just give me what i need" attitude.
  9. There really should be a dumbed down beginners step by step guide as a youtube video if anyone is so inclined to make one for those new to bashbunny. A simple step by step guide with Everything from setting up, updating, and running basic scripts.would be great to have as a resource I know we have the web repository but how about a simple installer like wifi pineapple had where you could login and you could choose to automatically install updates and modules aka scripts with needed files. Log in choose to update, have a repository where you can pick the script you want choose which switch 1 or 2 and boom it installs the script and helpers no fuss no messing around
  10. BB should arrive tomorrow hopefully. Just curious when we will get a video tutorial guide for beginners?
  11. Confirmation email received, shipping now. Now just to wait.
  12. checking out payloads github, don't tell me there's only a few scripts available currently for when it arrives
  13. Me too. Went for basic shipping hoping it will still be relatively quick. Eager to give this a go.
  14. Yeah ordered mine yesterday and i assume it will arrive early to mid next week? eager to get a glimpse at what scripts will be made available hope we get a video soon as well.
  15. yeah might order a ducky as a supplemental attack when i need something quick and discrete, when time around the target is an issue. Hope there will be a nice tutorial on the way and the repository has some nice scripts available.
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