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  1. Alright, so I want to speculate something based on all the other products that are out there from Hak5 already. Here's what we know. -- The device uses wired ethernet, but NOT wireless data -- The device is made for man in the middle attacks -- The device deals with packets I think the Packet Squirrel is a three port, 1 gig switch device. One port is an input, one is a clean output, and one is a modified output. This would be able to process the input and output at really high speed, probably with it's own high-end processor and linux distro to deal with the dataload,
  2. Why don't you check SDA to SDD? I'm betting there's an OS disk and a couple 2g payload disks, with maybe swap or something on one too.
  3. Is it bad that this is kinda hot? Also, how about the back side? I like seeing those test pads, but they're a little small for soldering. I'm thinking pogo pins?
  4. So I haven't seen the top of this thing, I would be really excited to see a microSD expansion port, and ability to add wifi over UART or something. Also, Ram? If this runs off swap, it's going to be a limited use device 'Im expecting around 512 or 1g of RAM, but 2g would really let this be more of a tinkers' device.
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