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  1. Hi thanks for posting this, it was a nice little refresher to go over and I always get Association and Authentication the wrong way round in terms of which happens first lmao!
  2. To be completely honest I didn't realize there was a EU store so ordered it through the main site's store, delivery seems to be going pretty fast although I have had to pay an extra £20 to the courier for import tax lol.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, it just got me thinking when I was watching Mr Robot I suddenly thought 'what would Elliot do if it was him' and I figured you guys would have similar ideas lol
  4. Thanks digininja & digip for the constructive comments, so the original IP address from steam sent via email was not the Russian location I tracked the attacker back to but how I did that is not important, yes the original IP was a VPN but none the less I am curious about how theoretically I could proceed from there as I have NO intention of actually following through since my accounts were immediately secured (and for the record they are old accounts I don't use, Amazon just happened to still have valid card details on it) Basically my question is what would YOU do if you had a confirmed attacker IP address and knew that it had an open UDP port?
  5. I recently got a drone for just this reason after listening to a fiction hacker story where the hacker used the drone and a rasberry pi to scan for open and WEP networks using a GPS route! Seems interesting and quite fun. Have you tried it by now?
  6. So recently my Amazon account was hacked (my fault due to weak password I guess) and my Steam account attempted to be accessed at the same time along with several of my other accounts as well. So luckily Amazon reversed the transaction made and Steam sent me an email (thank god for multi factor authentication) and Steam also sent me the IP address of the attacker, I have pinned down the location to a residential apartment in Russia, my question is what next as they keep trying to gain access every few months?!?!?
  7. what is it and when can I buy it???
  8. Currently waiting for my Tetra to be delivered, I ordered it to be delivered to the UK any idea how long it will take? I really cant wait to play!
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