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  1. An update: Using the wireless client on wlan1 or wlan2 does not allow me to connect to my home network either. I have tried multiple adapters besides the Hak5 one on wlan2 2 and get nothing.
  2. I am trying to update my Nano firmware but I cannot seem to get/maintain wired, or wireless access. On startup I get a wired connection very briefly. I have done a factory reset to no avail. I am running Windows 7 and the Nano is on 1.1.3 firmware.
  3. Up and running happily again! Cheers for the help!
  4. I have been trying the linked factory firmware from the WiFi pineapple firmware recovery page. I guess I should not presume that it is a version 1.x firmware though.
  5. Sorry to say I have tried this exact method to re-flash the factory firmware and though my NANO seems to reboot correctly the LED still goes into a rapid flash and wont come all the way up. I cant SSH in either...
  6. +1 For this. I have tried re-flashing to factory firmware and cant even get my Nano to boot at all.
  7. I have been playing with a pi zero for war walking and I have a fully functioning if not a little Frankensteinish rig running Rasbian Jessie Lite and using Kismet for gathering data. I am still working out a few minor kinks but it is tiny and fairly light.
  8. Nano only 48g with stock antennas 65g with the upgraded 500mw ones 65g Pineapple juice 4000 mAh battery is 100g 180 USB adapter 14g Tertiary WiFi adapter 3g Hope this helps!
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