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  1. Thank you, I'll check UPD: Couldn't find it :(
  2. Think the same :) I really wonder what's the specs of laptops that Darren and Snubs have. 'Cause there's pretty noticable difference in price between models with 8GB of RAM and models with 16GB of RAM.
  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Now I'm think about Dell XPS 13 (lighweight, have a problem with my back) or New Dell Inspiron 7000 Gaming (lots of horsepower) :)
  4. So Dell XPS with Linux will be more convinient one?
  5. I'm working as pentester fulltime and mainly use Debian-based systems, so thats why I wonder if macOS will be suitable.
  6. Does MacOS suitable for pentesting as Linux? Could I install pentesting tools on macOS or with macOS I'll face with virtual machines?
  7. Hello folks, I want a 13" laptop for everyday use and also for pentesting. Can't choose between Dell XPS 13 (ones that Darren and Snubs have) and Macbook Pro 13 w/o touchbar (2016). Any suggestions? Thanks
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