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  1. Can u please dial it the fuck down, I know I was mistaken and I understood that!
  2. Do You Want the Fucking Truth!! Alright here it is!! I am an IT, I live in Yemen and If you donot know where that is google it, and try to understand what is happining??! I took intrest in hacking two days ago!, coz Islamist milita called huthies took my father coz he is an athiest and he could not keep his moth shut!! And All I want some ravang, and If u r not going to help thank you in advance!!
  3. look I understand how but it is not working I am using C99 Shell, I did upload it and nothing happen, and there is no one to ask these royals donot understand shit!!
  4. no, we have this challenge to hack local servers, but I am still at the basics and I do not know what to do??! Please Help!
  5. I got an access to a web server and I can upload and execute but how can I install a script that I can go back to when I ever I want to upload, read, write and delete!!? Please hurry up!! Bear in mind I am a noobie!!
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