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  1. I had a tetra for a while and can never get it to work reliably the most it did was troll people with fake SSIDs. I have bought most of this stuff as my Job paid for it but the only slightly useful thing out of all Hak5 is rubber ducky.
  2. not a big deal but on the occupine module the speed and channel come up as false so it will not let you start the module without those being set first.
  3. I think I have done this in the past but it does not seem to be working now. I have turned on occupant so it broadcasts all the IDs but I am not able to associate to any of them. I want people to connect to any of those spoofed SSIDs and get rolled is that possible?
  4. try Occupine. l I tried it and it is working this will make sure your configuration is correct. If this does network you may need to reset.
  5. fan what modules are you trying to install? not all modules are working yet but as it is posted above try updating the modules in the modules manager.
  6. and I was just going to downgrade I guess I can wait a day or two πŸ™‚ I am at a conf and they are begging to be Rick Rolled πŸ™‚ I did that last time I was here
  7. can we down grade the firmware till the bugs are resolved?
  8. I just picked it up at DEFCON and did the firmware upgrade that I think went fine it is not really clear what the difference between blinking and single blinking. May be if it had different color LEDs for different modes it would have beeb better. Any way so do I press the button at the bottom (not very good place as you can't see the led when you have to flip it over to press the button) as soon as I plug it in or do I wait for the led to start blinking and then press the button? how do I know that the owl is in ready state? I have tried many different ways and the led starts to blink very fast but OWL SSID never shows up. May be I have a bad OWL πŸ™‚
  9. I have a Tetra and other than the size being smaller is there anything extra it can do?
  10. if you have connected to the SSID before it will still show up. I updated mine to 2.6 just before defcon and had some minor issues so did a reset after the update even though it was already reset by doing the update. Never had OpenSSID showing up issue though. Try changing the name.
  11. All i want to do is add a clone of my existing Hidden SSID and passphrase and see if i can get traffic on the tetra? I haven't used my Tetra in a while so i just booted it up and updated etc and i dont see an option for evil twin. How can i go about doing this?
  12. just making sure if you are doing this final step Reset the the WiFi Pineapple facing USB Ethernet interface back to DHCP or with netmask
  13. installed the Manatoolkit and it works via command line is that the only way to run it or can you launch it from the web interface?
  14. is there a way to combine occupineaple with rick roll? I heard in one of the videos Darren mention that Occupine can allow clients to associate with it if you give out a valid SSID of the pineapple but i am not having any luck. I just want to broadcast all these open SSIDs and RickRoll them all ?
  15. I am RickRolling and two questions right now I have the attwifi option under open access point. Is there a way to broad cast multiple SSID like occupine but let users connect and b Rick rolled? Also like the question says I see people connecting as clients but I am not sure if they are getting rolled :) don’t see anything in the logs in ththe GUI
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