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  1. Thank for the redirection I will start again.
  2. Thank you for looking, I found this program on the net and is only a starting point, an idea and yes it is a mess right now. I am not a programmer or a developer, just an old fart with some time to kill and enjoying the mental exercise.
  3. Sorry Foxtrot I forgot to say, I am not building a regular module. I am trying to get a terminal app to pass the command line to the dashboard without having to go through ssh. Just to go in and make quick changes.
  4. Update: I put it in rc.local and nothing. Firefox is giving me the unable to connect to server error. Trying again.
  5. I apologize to all for my comments above.It was just a lack of sleep and frustration. I thank all of you for your interest and for correcting me. Yes, it starts its own port at localhost:8022 and broadcasts its own ajaxterm.html. The iframe in module.html is directed to this port and displays the terminal. In the Ajaxterm_files directory is ajaxterm.py which starts the terminal. The help that I need is putting a start/stop button in the module.html to enable and disable the terminal. Here is the link to my github. Edit: After days of searching and trying many terminal
  6. Will do, btw not to be funny but 40 years ago my sister had a cat named bonz
  7. This is really not as hard as people think the dashboard is only a web page. You just have to make a link to the program behind it.
  8. Sorry I did not think anyone was watching. I am not a programmer just an old user. I will put this on my github tomorrow. I need some sleep after 5 18 hour days trying to figure this out, I would like some help. Thank You. You Have made me want to continue.
  9. Due to lack of interest this, this is closed. it works. go build your own.
  10. Update: Mostly working, need to put in title and work on start and stop buttons. Working on bugs in the configuration.
  11. forgot to say http://localhost:8022 just have to make a page to point to it
  12. Well some success, I have ajax terminal written in python working on the nano. Its not pretty but, its all local and has a login for the local user and looks to have full command access. it looks good so far. now to start on the rest. there is a starting point. If you try it - open the file qweb goto line 109 and remove email and xml entries. as they will not be needed anyway. 172 kb in size.
  13. I tried that and failed also, I am tring now is to make a module with a single page web browser with a dedicated address and set the php to run in a little server and have the browser point to it. It is a small java app that I have to compile and then get that into the module. The one that looks promising is PHPTerm - small lightweight and looks to have good access to the command line. This will have to wait till I finish fixing the system crash I had this morning. I will let all of you know.
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