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  1. Hello again! Despite everything I hope for your help ... In general, I made a layout-file for my country (I'm from Russia). But I had a problem with the constant need to switch the language in scripts. At least, when attacking the WIN7 Russian-language system ... This makes the scripts too long in execution. How can I solve this problem? Thanks in advance =) Layout file for russian keyboard
  2. Hello comrades! Today I got my duck, very happy. But I never ran more than one script ... On ducktoolkit.com not my language (I'm from Russia). And the use of your encoder is not pomolgo - the script does not run. When you compile output errors: "Char not found" Help noob to solve the problem, please) java -jar encoder.jar -i script.txt -l /resources/ru.properties -o e:/inject.bin Hak5 Duck Encoder 2.6.3 Loading File ..... [ OK ] Loading Keyboard File ..... [ OK ] Loading Language File ..... [ OK ] Loading DuckyScript ..... [ OK ] Char not found:ASCII_72 Ch
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