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  1. So the issue i have is this: i finally get the W-Fi client connected and log into it with a device then i go to use the pineapple but the connection has gone and reverted to wlan1, PineAP keeps disabling when i connect the wifi client effectively making it useless from a remote perspective. using a laptop no problem but as soon as i try and create the Wifi client it connects then disconnects and reverts. despite it being wlan1mon when PineAP is connected..............something is reseting the device but what
  2. I am unable to connect to the open SSID I create get a network disabled service rejection or something or other....Never happened until I updated. Also PineAp has to be restarted when wanting to reckon again.....
  3. So ive upgraded my nano to the latest version and it looked pretty but: 1. i run a scan in recon and have to start PineAP, scan runs as it should. but SSID pool does not populate unless i stop the scan and use the add SSID to pool box, then to run a second scan i have to turn off PineAP and back on again for it to work. this happens on both windows and linux 2. i configure my Access point for my MITM test, use the same name as the target SSID and unhide. i run the deauth and try to connect to my new SSID but am unable to connect, android developer allows me to see my connections rssi and so on and i have in bold caps NETWORK SELECTION DISABLED ASSOCIATION REJECTION. this happens to any SSID i create and as such am unable to connect to my pineapple even if i disable the management SSID. 3. and finally the lack of support and awareness of this device is unreal. i am trying to gain access to wifipineapple.com portal and have requested a password reset 5 times and still nothing, where do i go for help, the wiki page will not work as it is HSTS and chrome and firefox will not certify the page? have HAK5 dropped this project, the updates page hasnt been updated since 2016 and there are barely any vidoes on the subject of Nano or Tetra???? hopefully get some info here. o its going in the bin cheers all Simon (not a genius hacker or computer man just a fan)
  4. Whilst this has been a common question there does not appear to be a common answer. when trying to load bulletins an error message is recieved, error connecting to wifipineapple please check your connection. the device has internet connection via ehternet and in the advanced tab a redirection to the wifipineapple site is made. now i understand you have to change adapter settings on wifi but why will the internet connection not work via ethernet?.
  5. i believe you have to share your connection with the pineapple, on wifi its an adapter change but i want to know how to do it when using Ethernet as a connection
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