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  1. Adams

    Locked Screen

    If you're on a domain and you do not have admin it doesn't work. I tried at work and it doesn't work.
  2. Adams

    Locked Screen

    Thanks Decoy that's what I finally thought too. I guess I just have to set a the right delay. I am very interested in your remote payload to prank if you have any examples or can point me in the right direction.
  3. Adams

    Locked Screen

    ah ok. Thanks. So nothing that uses the QUACK commands will work while the computer is locked. Can the power shell be used to change a background or screen saver while the computer is locked?
  4. Adams

    April Fools

    These only seem to work when the screen is unlocked. If the person locks their screen these scripts dont seem to work? I like the https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Change-the-background-to-MyLittlePoney-(win10) idea but how can I get this to work on a locked computer? Any help please.
  5. Adams

    Locked Screen

    I just made a basic test script to open a notepad file. It works fine when the computer is unlocked but when the computer is locked (WIN+L) it doesnt seem to fire. The lights change as they should and I can hear the beep sound like the commands are being rejected. I would expect with this script that when I unlock the computer I would see an open notepad window. Thanks in advance for any help? #!/bin/bash LED R ATTACKMODE HID LED R G Q DELAY 3000 Q GUI r Q DELAY 500 Q STRING notepad.exe Q ENTER REM QUACK switch1/ducky.txt LED G 500
  6. Adams

    April Fools

    Its getting close to april fools and I was thinking it would be cool if I could use my bash bunny to push a windows background, screensaver, or maybe change the default windows sounds? Any help or someone with some skills willing to create a payload? Thanks in advance
  7. I have the nano all configured and its working as far a picking up networks and clients(tester) phones are connecting but my phone is a samsung S7 with 10 wifi networks saved and none of them seem to show up. Why/how would this be? How do phones that are much further away pick up the beacon but ones close by do not?
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