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  1. On 3/12/2017 at 1:57 PM, Zylla said:

    I would suggest a reset, before you then clone the repository to your sd-card, and then sym-link that folder to: /pineapple/modules/ManaToolkit
    Or, you could try running the install-script from the terminal. like this:

    /pineapple/modules/ManaToolkit/scripts/dependencies.sh install sd

    And then paste me the output that gets produced when running that script.
    Because that is the script that gets launched when installing dependencies through the ui.


    This is my command and return

    root@Pineapple:~# /pineapple/modules/ManaToolkit/scripts/dependencies.sh install sd
    -ash: /pineapple/modules/ManaToolkit/scripts/dependencies.sh: Permission denied

    So I checked my file permissions on the file and found it to be 644. I changed it to 755, which fixed my problems! Thanks!

  2. I'm not quite sure what is causing the problem, but I'm not able to install the dependencies. I have MANA installed and copied the files from the repo to pineapple/modules/ManaToolkit but can't install dependancies. I've even tried moving the modules files to the sd/modules/ManaToolkit and creating a linked folder in pineapple/modules/ManaToolkit. I've tried installing to SD card and Internal with no luck. I've also rebooted and tried again, still nothing. Any suggestions?

  3. I'm interested! Planning to install this to my Wifi Pineapple NANO later today, but was curious about something. Can I have this running in the background (Connect to SSH, launch applications as instructed, then disconnect from SSH)? If so, will this work alongside other modules, such as DWall? Please excuse my lack of knowledge, I'm still learning.

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