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  1. Dedsec_Nethunter

    General NANO Discussion

    Hi @m0nk666, Sorry for late answer. Thanks you very much bro,it works!! I hope i can help you in my turn one day if you need help ;) Regards.
  2. Dedsec_Nethunter

    General NANO Discussion

    Hi people, How can i associate my nano with third radio (ralink) to my nexus 5 hotspot. No problem with usb cable but i don't know how to link my nano to my phone through wifi. Thanks.
  3. Dedsec_Nethunter

    WiFi Pineapple - Themes

    Damn,i love it!! Keep it up!
  4. Dedsec_Nethunter

    General NANO Discussion

    Hi esa, Thanks for sharing your opinion :) That's exactly what i thought,i'll try option b and let you know guys. Kind regards.
  5. Dedsec_Nethunter

    General NANO Discussion

    Thank you b0N3z,it's more clear now for me :) Kind regards.
  6. Dedsec_Nethunter

    General NANO Discussion

    Hi community, Sorry if stupid questions. I'm going to buy a nano and i would like to know if i can launch third parts softwares through the nano. I mean can i launch a soft like Nessus from my kali machine after i already harvested some clients with the nano? Same question for metasploit console. Can i use these tools through the nano or i can only use the modules inside the nano? Thanks for your help.
  7. Dedsec_Nethunter

    Introduce yourself

    My name is Dedsec Favourite game: Watch Dogs Favourite OS: Kali Nethunter Favourite console: Sega Genesis Nationality: FR Accent: Depends Sex: Male Age: 32 Race: Irrelevant Height: 1m85 Status: Depends.. Build: normal Favourite band: Too many Favourite book: Artof war Favourite author: Robert Ludlum Favourite movie: Sneakers Favourite director: Favourite TV Show: Mr Robot Favourite actor: Jack Nicholson Favourite actress: Michelle Pfeiffer Favourite Pinup: Favourite Comedian: Other hobbies: Travel,cinema & other features :) Car: Audi A3 Occupation: System Admin Rather than open a browser to go on Hak5 website,just install my smooth & fast app. Not cool to get your Hak5 app on your phone? :) If you want same app for Hak5 forum let me know :) -No permissions -No ads -No bullshit Subscribe & follow :) Full Kali Nethunter videos & many more are coming. Regards.