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  1. @Teabot 5000 im almost done porting the new page to the nano. I just need your help with the final step, I am not sure which code I need to edit to invoke the pop up. So now when i connect via my iphone, i get the page perfectly re-sized, but I dont get the pop out.. so probably i didn't edit the java .. which file is responsible for the pop-out?


    Appreciate your help, also how can I add it to your github when done ?

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  2. On 2/19/2017 at 5:12 PM, b0N3z said:

    if you can find SMA vs the RP-SMA that would be ideal like Just_a_User stated you will lose a little using adapters or even antenna extenders.  I don't know what kind of range your getting with your Tetra but I live in an apt building and get everybodys during a recon.  I have a friend that lives down the street about 3 houses and I pick his up also.  Ive also seen a huge increase in the amount of SSID collected with PineAP vs the Nano with 9dbi antenna.

    yeah picking up signals is not really an issue, but when you are trying for people to connect to your AP it is tricky because you can see them but for some reason they cannot see you .. i dont know if it makes sense. just unsuccessful in getting anyone to connect to pine ap.

  3. Hi,

    So I am testing out how to maximize the power and range of the tetra.

    I bought 4 wireless power boosters from the hakshop and tried them on all 4 antennas , for some reason, epic failure because I did not notice that the tetra antennas inputs are female and so are the power boosters.... :facepalm: so that does not work.

    I got 9dbi antennas from atheros .... another epic fail, its as if there are no antennas.. soooooooooo my question is, how to maximize the power on this beast.



  4. hello boys. just a few questions:


    1- If I want to use the Deauth module alongside captive portal and pine AP what would be the best setup?

    For evil portal to work , you need to give internet hence wlan2 is used. if you deauth with wlan1mon your management AP is gone and you can't access the interface anymore unless you connect it to your laptop (not the setup I am looking for). so what is the best setup?

    2- is there a way to shift around the role of the interfaces? like assign wlan0 to provide internet and wlan2 and wlan1 to use pine ap? 

    3- I recently bought 9dbi Atheros antennas and installed them on the tetra. the quality was 10 times worse than the originals same for the nano. Any idea on how to maximize the gain (what is the max we can reach)

    4- I have the wifi power booster from the hak shop but limited by the 20tx power on kali 2.0 as well as the pineapple. any way around that?



  5. On 2/5/2017 at 1:07 PM, Teabot 5000 said:

    Ok, @Kn0wledge and @mercredi  here's a quick port of the wifiphisher "wifi connect" module: https://github.com/teabot5000/Evilportal-wifi-connect

    Instructions are in the readme.

    I ended up changing some of the javascript to use jQuery (which is provided by evilportal). I merged the index.php file (created by evilportal when you make a new module) with the index.html page in the wifiphisher template. Other than that it was just a case of pointing the form in the template to <?=$destination?>/captiveportal/index.php so evilportal could catch it. I just added some lines to MyPortal.php to save the submitted password to a log file which can be defined in config.php.

    I just tested it in the preview and with an Android phone, so it will hopefully be working ok with everything else.

    wow that sounds awesome man. Just followed the steps of wget in the right directory on the pineapple however when i click "Activate" , nothing happens. from history i know it is usually because of a missing .ep file. but checked and it is still there. any ideas?

    also, do you mind sharing how exactly you edited the javascript? if i can learn this step i could start work on trying to adapt other of its templates like the firmware upgrades.


    really appreciate the help man


    EDIT: I created a new portal and copied everything into it (Replacing the index.php and myportal.php) worked fine (could be an issue with the .ep or i noticed that you are missing the jquery-2.2.1.min.js file in your version so it could be it as well) . When I tried it out on my devices (iOS and win7) the text comes in great, however the dinosaur logo is broken for some reason. and no prompts for re-login in or anything.

  6. hey @Teabot 5000 sorry been disconnected for a while after getting so frustrated at not being able to get them working. No github atm as I havent been able to get any of them working... cause its kinda way over my head.. includes some php coding for evil portal, some java as well.. and general html for the page... damn... taking me forever to find basic things. we can hangout one day when you have the time and try to figure it out . were you able to get any working ? 

  7. 7 hours ago, Teabot 5000 said:

    You mean the templates are html and php? php can be used to just print html, and as far as I know the evilportal module outputs that php wrapped in html like a normal php web page. One being html and the other using php isn't an issue. Take a look here for a good resource on web development. f you really want the exact same template, you can use the resources to port it yourself, or rebuild it.

    What wifiphisher does can be done on the pineapple using PineAP, evilportal, and deauths. As far as I remember, there isn't anything special that wifiphisher does that can't be done on the pineapple already.

    Thanks, yeah im trying to edit them for my own personal experiments. having lots of trouble replacing the forms of a cloned website ... and i still can't figure out which part of the code is the one that dictates what comes after submit (ie authorized or not). I don't know any html so that is the main reason i struggle so much. I followed this great tutorial



    it helps.. but when the cloned sites are bit more complicated .. it gets much more complex.. if anyone has some time on their hands lemme know :D

  8. Actually I have been trying hard to get wifiphisher to work with the Nano... i tried to get the templates to work with the evil portal module but no luck... super frustrating ...

    The ideal scenario is getting the devs of wifiphisher to write a module for pinapple. what is great about wifiphisher is that it will make life easier and auto select templates based on router makes apart from having the option to select other pages....

    Hopefully this becomes a project

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