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  1. and I just ssh'ed in and pinged a site and all is good.
  2. Hey, yippee! I waited five mississippis and it went to amber and now it is green. I do believe we have lift-off! Thank you!
  3. I just checked my git.log and I am not connecting to the internet. Clearly that's the issue. It's odd because bb.sh sees the bunny and seems to be connecting. I guess I have a bit more research ahead of me. That's enough for today. I'll start over in a day or two. Thanks for all the help. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I am trying the payload right now @Draxiom. I don't know what's happening as a red light is showing steady (not blinking) It did look sort of white or maybe purple for a bit when it started. I shared my internet connection before (or rather while) I ran the payload. Not sure how long I should wait for the the red light to change,.. It's been about 5 minutes now. I'll come back in 10 minutes and check on it. after at least half an hour, nothing seems to be changing. Actually, I haven't had any other internet traffic so I am wondering if the internet sharing isn't actually internet monopolizing. Definitely seems to be something wrong with this picture. Time to start over (again)
  5. Thanks. I followed those steps and I was able to regain access to the /dev/nandf partition and write to the bunny again. I tried the payload.txt file but it didn't do anything but that was, perhaps, too early in the process. Instead, I moved the payload.txt and payloads that I had copied from the github earlier on. So now, next step is to try to do a few simple experiments to check and see if everything is running. I wish there was a couple tutorials for idiots just to confirm successful operations.
  6. Hmm, ok, I see what you mean about restricting the formatting to just one partition; I guess that makes sense. I guess I'll give it a try when I get back from work tonight. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the response. I looked in the /pentest directory but it is empty which isn't surprising since I created it myself after the fact. I read the steps to get the bunny back up from failure and I am hesitating doing that as it looks like I would reformatting the whole thing and I am not sure I want to do that yet. As it stands, with the switch set to 3 (arming mode), I see a blue light flashing and my folders in switch1 and switch2 are read only so I can't re-install anything. I am just a little frustrated,..
  8. Ok, I've beat my head against the wall for a while now but maybe someone out there can salvage my sanity: I was trying to install tools_installer and I thought I had all my ducks in order but after I loaded the required files plus the tools_to_install into the switch1 directory (while in arming mode (switch position 3)) I then unplugged the bunny, swtiched it to position 1 and reinserted it. It seemed to do something but now, when I insert it with the switch on position 3 (arming mode) I get a blue blinking light and I no longer write to the switch1 directory as it is write-protected. I also do not have a/pentest directory created (I actually created one myself but it does nothing and holds nothing. When I mount /dev/nanf and /root/udisk, I see some files installed and the install.sh has been renamed to install.sh.INSTALLED Call me impulsive and impatient but I do not know how to check if responder is actually installed and operating (I just wanted to get something running but now I think I might have butchered things up. Can anyone give me advice on how top test if the setup is correct, or how to start over,.. I am running kali on my laptop by the way. Thanks
  9. Got it working. Nedded an SD card. And then I needed to try iot a couple of times but now it is running. YTippee
  10. Ok, I think I solved this one. I needed a micro SD card and now everything is loaded on it (modules) and they are working as is the filtering piece (I had to start over with a factory reset. But now it's all great Yippe Aye Yeah.
  11. I have the same issue whereas I can't install dependencies and I have just installed an SD card. Any other suggestions?
  12. Thanks for the response! 1) ok, I've got the logs and I'll read through them, thx 2) you are right, I did mean wlan1mon. The fact that it is showing up should indicate that it is in use which then means that PineAP is using it which means WiFiClient mode is not connected,... Good, that what I wanted to know. 3) in Wifi Pineapple Primer -- from recon to PineAp available at https://wifipineapple.com/pages/faq at about minute 7.02, the Filtering tab has a box called Client Filtering which shows the MAC addresses that were just previously added to the PineAP Filtering list under the Recon screen. This is where you either Allow or Deny access to the Pineapple. When I do this, none of the MAC addresses that I add to the PineAP Filter list in the Recon screen seem to make the journey over to the Client Filtering list. I feel like I am missing a step,.... 4) I do not have a /etc/networking/ subdirectory neither on my laptop nor when I ssh into the pineapple. In the laptop I have /etc/network but there is no file named wireless there. I've been looking around but I don't seem to find it anywhere. I am running kali, rolling 5) I'll pick up a miniSD next time I am in a shop
  13. I just started with my new Nano v6. I appear to be stalling on what seem quite simple points. Just a little clarification would set me on my way! A few questions: 1) my PineAP Web interface looks different from that shown in your tutorials in certain ways. I am, by the way, using Kali as my OS. In particular, a) under Configuration, I have a switch enabling or disabling the PineAP daemon, not a little check box as shown; b) under RECON, I do not have separate check boxes for AP and AP and Clients c) under Networking, I do not have a Disconnect button in the WiFi Client mode section 2) I understand that using WiFi Client mode disables the PineAP options, so I am trying not to use it but, there appears to be a choice (wlan0mon) in the box and I cannot make it go away. I haven't pressed Scan so, does that mean that I am not running in WiFiClient mode? How else can I tell if I am in that mode or not? 3) In your video, after you did a recon scan and added resulting clients into the PineAP Filter, those clients appeared listed in the filters section. That doesn't happen for me, nothing appears as filtered even when successfuly added. I can't see how I am missing a step but maybe I am? 4) When I initially setup up the pineapple, I named the Management AP but now I realize I should have named it somewhat differently. How can I change it? I tried in the Networking tab but it isn't persistent. 5) LAST question Should a miniSD have come with the Nano or should I be picking one up somewhere,.. Thank you thank for all and any support
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