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  1. Hello Foxtrot, So I said screw it again and wiped everything. Retried it one last time and it finally worked for some reason. Thanks for the assistance, though.
  2. Cleared the cache on my browser. Additionally, took a look at the console, no errors popped, and no errors in the network traffic.
  3. Here is the output of ls command on sd and its sub-directories.
  4. Hello! I own a Pineapple Nano, and have it setup. Let me run down the list. I am using an Alfa USB to connect to a WiFi connection to forward all traffic to the internet. I have my Management AP, and Public AP (Rogue AP) setup. I am able to connect with a device and my traffic is forwarded. I have the microSD card plugged into the NANO. It has been formatted to EXT4. I rebooted the device, and according to the GUI it is mounted and ready. I load the modules page. Then I click "Get Modules" and the list populates. I then proceed to "Install" any of the modules, let's go with "nma
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