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  1. Hey man, im having the same problem. Any update if you got it working or not? What VPN were you usuing?
  2. Thanks for the reply guys, much appreciated, ima get working..take care
  3. Yo, Just trying to use PIA VPN with the packetSquirrel and i see they require the use of OpenVPN 2.4. I'm running firmware 1.2 on my squirrel and it has OpenVPN 2.3. Can I upgrade to the newest version without breaking anything? if so, how do i upgrade on the squirrel? i found the download for the latest on their site but not sure how to actually install on the squirrel. franks
  4. Did you try putting them in the /www/ folder on the pineapple?
  5. kpeezy

    Lan Turtle 3g?

    Found out why, as im opening the one i got from hackerwharehouse booth just a second ago it didn't come with an antenna, so stupid lol. Hak5 booth probs sold it with the antenna then im guessing thats why the price was a little higher. Moral of story, dont buy from hackerwharehouse.
  6. Just wondering if there is a way to make modules such as dump1090 run on startup of the pineapple. So i could power it up let it stand and not have to log into it to start the module. Thanks, kpeezy
  7. Ok, did you try instead of copying those tools files and pasting into the payload folder, try doing a cut n paste instead of copy. Does that work?
  8. Thanks alot! Just got er workin! BADASS!
  9. Hey guys quick question, May be a noob question but I'm trying to get this payload to work. Where do i put d.cmd, e.cmd, and i.vbs files? do they go in the switch1 folder along with the payload or do they go in the library folder? Thank you, kpeezy
  10. Cant believe these are on here, fucking badass, Thank you.
  11. Hey guys, just wondering if i have to spend time on the forums in order to edit my profile. I'm trying to change my profile picture and it keeps giving me the message that i am not allowed to edit my profile. Hope this isn't a dumb question. Thank you Kpeezy
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