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  1. I have to say that trying to get support for a Nano that doesn't work as described on the company website, despite being extremely thorough, seems to be quite impossible. I have emailed various different contacts at Hak5, tried to reach people here on the forums, talked to people on IRC. But, nothing, Hak5 is NOT committed to their community or their customers. Its gone as far that I've now had to open a dispute using Paypal because Hak5 will not even honor their hardware warranty! This was a huge disappointment!
  2. I've re-flashed the unit back to 1.1.1 and I still have the exact same problem. It sometimes hangs right after a reboot just because the CPU consumption goes over 1.0
  3. Hello, I've noticed that pinesniffer is consuming quite a bit of CPU, to a point where the nano becomes unusable and doesn't even update the web interface any longer. There also seems to be a bug in 1.13 which backgrounds continuous scans and doesn't report ones already running, resulting in multiple pinesniffer processes running in the background, bricking the Nano. Commands such as ifconfig cannot run and the Dashboard will not show any data for uptime, connected clients or SSID's in pool until the recon has finished or been killed. The CPU consumption also seems to hurt pinesniffer whi
  4. Hello, Is the female USB connector on the Pineapple Nano supposed to be used to tether (or share internet connection) with? I received my Nano in the mail the other day and nothing happens if I connect an USB to USB-C cable between the Nano and my MBP (Late 2016). However, if I use the Y-cable it does, but my goal is to be able to use the Pineapple 4000 battery to power the Nano and not the other way around. Or is the female USB on the Nano used for something else?
  5. I have the exact same problem. I've got a Nano tactical and I link up the Nano with the battery as well as a cable to my MBP. Recon works for bout 5 minutes before it stops reporting any AP's any longer and the nano becomes unresponsive.
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