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  1. I´m kind of a noob to radio, but i was wondering how hard would it be to have your keyboard interact with your pc by radio, is it even possible for someone like me? if so, how about should i be trying this? Arduino maybe? I realise how inexperienced I sound, but hey, you gotta start somewhere.
  2. Specifically the language settings, specially the keyboard layout one. Checked on google and haven't really found anything, i might not know how to use google. I will keep serching though.
  3. I'm talking about the gui settings you get when pressing Windows + i
  4. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to change the windows settings from the cmd or powershell. Is there even a way or does it depend on what setting you are trying to change?
  5. If by wordlist you mean dictionary just go for the classic rockyou.txt
  6. Depends on what you enjoy doing or what kind of hacking you are planning to do. I find the rubber ducky fun, but there aren't many sitiuasions where you will use it tbh, pineapple is extreamly powerfull and easy to use tool, the LAN turtle is also really good but I wouldn't recommend it for a rookie. If I were you I save a bit more money and grap the pineapple, and then grab a chap arduino as a rubber ducky. I'd recommend getting the Lan turtle later.
  7. You would have to do what haze says, change you'r SSID, MAC and IP to match the router the phone is connected to. How to's have been previusly linked above.
  8. So I was testing out the 15 second rubber ducky attack and i'm not to sure how I should be doing the webserver nor what i'm doing wrong. I am very new to hacking and specially webservers, so please don't be too rough on me. So what I have done so far is just dump everything into the apache server, as I expected I didn't get the output file. Just let me know how stupid I am and where I went wrong. This is the webserver right now: http://imgur.com/5NKP0es http://imgur.com/miCNdsr http://imgur.com/Sa1Ish6 http://imgur.com/VWJqkJZ
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