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  1. SoulS

    No sound on kali

    Thank you this helped alot! Lets hope this was the last time i ask for these types of problems. :P
  2. SoulS

    No sound on kali

    Thank you for the reply and yes i know Kali is not a good daily OS. Thanks for the suggestion too and the tips!
  3. I was going to watch hak5 on youtube but then i notice that there were no sound drivers at all. Im on a laptop that only have kali on it. Since it is a fresh install i thougt this was wierd. Anyone that have ancounterd the same problem and can help? Btw im new to hacking and all the videos you guys have on hak5 are so many so anyone have a recomendation on were to start for a noob?
  4. Thank you for helping this really helped. :)
  5. Im trying to install Kali on a laptop but during the install it thinks it is booting from a CD when it is booting from a USB. Do anyone have an idea for what i can do to fix it?
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