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  1. +1 Waiting to hear answer as well...
  2. same here. Guess I was hoping it would have released before Hanukah but now it seems we have to wait for Xmas. .... Sigh....
  3. closing the loop - support replaced my unit and I can now see the unit properly on the mac.
  4. support replaced my unit and now I'm good to go. New unit operates as intended just fine without any problems. Original unit - not so much.
  5. Have the same issue. Spent hours trying to troubleshoot to no avail. Emailed shop@ and put in a help ticket a week ago - no response yet...
  6. in fact looks like Im getting same thing as @Sgoblin is getting: Green LED for 5 secs, followed by blinking blue LED Any advice?
  7. New bunny inserted on macbook pro - in arming mode - seems to work then after a min OSX disconnects (terminates) it. Logs show: kernel USB device F000FFF014100002 - will be reset! kernel USB device F000FFF014100002 - fConsecutiveResetCount = 1 kernel AppleUSBHostPort::disconnect: persistent enumeration failures Plugging it back in - in arming mode - nothing happens. Once USB caches expire after a few min, when I insert it LED goes green, then finder sees it as USB storage but a min later osx terminates the USB drive again. It's pretty consistent. Also doing ls /dev/tty* or grepping dmesg has never shown anything related to the drive in osx. I end up using windows in fusion to putty to it serially. Then a min later osx host terminates the USB drive...
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